Human Optimization Coach

I’m a coach, international speaker and mother of two, who just like you, started a quest to rediscover myself after many years of living in “automatic mode”.

I escaped the “corporate world”, created my dream job, recovered my energy & motivation, and learned to use to power of manifestation to attract a loving relationship and a great tribe of friends and mentors.

And then I saw it clearly. My life mission. I wanted to impact lives in the same amazing way that my life had been impacted. I wanted to see the spark in other people’s lives as well!

This is when I fell in love with Coaching and the profound results it creates for everyone that experiences it.

I have dedicated the past years of my life to study and teach human optimization tools to enhance every day living, and help others reach their full potential.

I know that every life we touch will impact another one. And I believe this is the way that we can change our world, one heart at a time!

To get in touch with me, you can send me an e-mail