21 Successful life habits


We all dream of having a happy successful life, yet for the majority of people it seems more like a distant dream than an achievable reality.

This is not because the world doesn’t offer opportunities for everyone, but because they are lacking systems to upgrade their life to meet their goals.

What do successful people do?

  1. Start every day with the best attitude, expecting the best will happen (and it usually does)
  2. Get clarity on your core values: these will guide your every step
  3. Don’t wait for things to happen, rather make things happen.
  4. Persevere until they achieve their goals, instead of giving up when the first obstacle arrives.
  5. Dream BIG. Remember: If your dream doesn’t scare you a bit, then it’s not big enough.
  6. Get up early, you will get more done 😉
  7. Ban multi-tasking: if you are focused, you’ll be more productive always
  8. Don’t let yourself be affected by negative thoughts (or people)
  9. Focus your energy on solutions, not on complaints
  10. Make the most of your strengths instead of focusing on your lacks
  11. Keep on learning new things all the time
  12. Surround yourself by people who inspire you to be grand
  13. Take time to stop from time to time and see where you are at, and where you want to be. Recalibrate on the way all the time
  14. Give back to others: Good vibes multiply when they are shared
  15. Be adaptable to change
  16. Stay healthy
  17. Do something you love every day to spark your creativity
  18. Be open to receive feedback for improvement
  19. Raise your bar constantly: challenge incites action
  20. Always set up free time for yourself
  21. Finish whatever you start!


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