Aabid Surti, saving water supply in Mumbai, one drop at a time!

Aabid Surti is not only a painter and a writer, he is also an unknown hero! Founder of Drop Dead Foundation, a non-government organization (NGO) that fixes leaks every Sunday morning in his Mumbai community.

Aabid Surti

He discovered that many people were wasting literally tons of water each day by not correcting leaking taps in their homes because of expensive plumbing service costs, so he decided to donate part of his time to help everyone fix this problem, and save water.

The leak problem in ghettos and lower middle class areas in Mumbai is really bad. A plumber’s visit costs a minimum of Rs.100, which poor families cannot afford. Construction companies are also partly responsible for using substandard plumbing.

This is how his Drop Dead Foundation works

On Mondays, the plumber, a volunteer, and Surti approach the building secretary for permission.

If the secretary agrees, then they put up posters on the housing society’s notice board on the ground floor or near the lift, with their tagline “Save Every Drop or Drop Dead.” The words “Drop Dead” have a great impact on the tenants.

On Saturdays, they  send pamphlets that explain what Drop Dead is to every home

On Sunday morning, they get a warm welcome from the members of the housing society!

Only the first year, they visited 1,666 houses on Mira Road, fixed 414 leaking taps free of charge, and saved about 4.14 lakh (414,000) liters of water :)

He has began to inspire children so they can follow his example, and multiply the effect of saving our world, no matter who you are, and what resources you have!


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