Adeline Tiffanie Suwana, how a brave 12 year old Indonesian girl is saving our planet

Adeline was very worried about all the natural disasters affecting her hometown, so when it came time to take action, she decided Sahabat Alamthat age was irrelevant to start making a difference!

At age 12, she formed a community of young people called Sahabat Alam (Friends of nature), which now has more than 1700 members throughout Indonesia 🙂

She organizes students to plant coral reefs, help with fish breeding and turtle protection, plant mangrove trees and engage in environmental cleanups and education activities.

Adeline and Sahabat Alam also operate the Electric Generator Water Reel project where they connect remote villages to an electric grid, providing potential economic growth to villagers and improving health and education facilities. They utilize clean renewable energy (hydro) to power these villages.

Her ideas have been presented in schools, with cooperation of governmental agencies and have led to the production of a television program on the subject. She was invited as a delegate by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to the 2009 Tunza International Children’s Conference and awarded the 2009 Action for Nature International Young Eco-Hero award for her efforts.

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