Fear: not so scary after all!


We like to have things under control. Know what’s going to happen, and how we can deal with everything that surrounds us.

Of course, The Universe has a whole box of surprises that come into our life and do the exact opposite of that! This is when we fall into the “fear state”

Here are some thoughts to have in mind in order to keep this scary emotion under control:

  1. You will never be 100% in control, unless you live in a private bunker, under the earth with unlimited resources (and even then you still won’t). So chill, and learn how to flow with whatever comes your way.
  2. Visualize your possible scenarios: Ask yourself, if I do X thing, what’s the worst that can happen? Sometimes we don’t move forward because we’re afraid, even if we have no idea why. Is it so bad as to stop you from taking the next step?
  3. Ask for help: you are NOT alone, so if you need a supporter, ask! We can’t handle everything by ourselves, and  scary situations can be more bearable in the company of people who love you.
  4. Look for the brighter side of things: Literally, fear lowers your energetic vibration, so focus your thoughts instead on emotions that bring more light to your life, like love, compassion, gratitude and acceptance
  5. Connect to a Higher power: I’m not talking about religion here, but rather about a connection with a higher spiritual being that can fill your heart with hope.
  6. Move: get the stress and anxiety that comes with fear out of your system by exercising
  7. Breathe: this will lower your heart rate, and connect you to the present moment


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