Forgive yourself, let go of the past, and concentrate on building a better future!

If we live regretting what happened in the past, we will never be able to enjoy our present moment, or have the energy to build a better future.

What happened before is gone! Don´t be so hard on yourself now, as it will only hurt yourself. Take time everyday to remind yourself of how much you are worth, because you are here on Earth for a very special reason :)

Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself:ForgiveYourself

I am awesome

I am worth it

I am love

I am smart

I am beautiful

Every day, fill yourself with positive thoughts and you will thrive :)


  1. To say it is one thing but how do we learn to believe it

    • Repetition of a statement will eventually get to convince you my friend! If you take a moment each day to increase your positive vibes, your energy will slowly and steadily begin to shift :)

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