How I got my wings

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Life is an adventure filled with moments of great joy and other moments where you feel your inner confidence shaking dangerously, but the key to happiness and self-realization does not lie on having a life without challenges, but rather to find the way to overcome them as they show up.

This month of March has been a huge revelation for my life from the very moment I landed in Asia, where it all made sense once I set foot on the Mindvalley office and saw the icon of my inner transformation: Wings

I came to Malaysia carrying a huge bag of personal issues, fears and self-doubt. These had been with me for so many years now, I can hardly know when they got stuck to me, but when I saw the big wings in the Mindvalley entrance, I immediately knew this was my chance to get rid of everything weighing me down, and learn to fly.

My focus for the journey was to get a new feather every conscious moment

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And feathers, I found, are created every time you are grateful, even for the smaller things like the beautiful Malaysian sunrise that starts your days in shades of orange, the Ylang Ylang tree on the way from my place in Bangsar to the Mindvalley office, or the fact that I could cross the highway walking and making it out alive 😉

Gratitude for the hugs I received every moment, from the best conversations, for having very important meetings on a Treehouse (just like working in Peter Pan’s Neverland!) or by the freedom of getting inside a train and being able to explore a whole new world every day.

For the meals shared, the improvised magic show during tea time, the visit to the chocolate’s paradise on Earth (Magnum store), the rush of booking a flight last minute and sharing one of my life biggest dreams in Cambodia with 2 amazing friends, learning how to latin dance in Asia (ironic!), becoming a pranic healer, and kicking my fears in the butt.

Every experience added a new feather, and every day, I could feel my wings growing bigger and stronger, until I finally felt it was time for me to fly into a more epic version of myself, where everything is possible, and nothing can stop me from reaching the stars.

Thank you

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