How to get your groove back when you feel like crap?


It’s not news that there are days when you simply want to roll into your covers, and ignore the day. It happens to all of us!

Sometimes I feel like I climbed on a moving train that is going so fast that I don’t even get the chance to enjoy the present moment, and I have no idea what to do except to let it all out in tears. Then I feel angry with myself, because I know in my heart I have to be grateful for everything I have in life, and the guilt kicks in.

I have read a whole bunch of personal growth books, attended seminars, and have learned from the greatest positive minds existing today. The theory is there, stored in my consciousness, and I still have moments in my life where I don’t feel as if I’m in control of anything.

But you know what? We are only humans, we have a right to feel down from time to time. It’s not our job to have a smiley face all of te time, this is fake and exhausting! Once you realize that you do have permission to feel the way you want to feel in that moment, it is a lot easier to climb back you mountain, because then you don’t have to carry the extra baggage with you.

Once I allow myself to be me, and breath out of my dark moments, I can focus better on where I want to be, and I get clarity of what I have to get there 🙂

The danger lies if you decide to live in your dark place for good. You have to keep in mind that being there does not SERVE you, and the only one that can get you of of the whole is YOU.

Here are some  things that help:

  1. MOVE! Exercise will boost your endorphins, release stress and eliminate toxins
  2. Indulge yourself with some chocolate or wine (Yup, they are not only yummy, but they boost your happiness as well)
  3. Call a friend! Having another human being to talk to will give you perspective, and it reminds us we are not alone.
  4. Clean up your space: get rid of the stuff you are not using, like old clothes, books you will not read and stuff you don’t need anymore. Donate, recycle, do whatever you want, but don’t have them around (you will feel lighter in a minute)
  5. Do something you really love, even if it’s just for 5 minutes: this gives you a sense of control over your life, and a smile on your face
  6. Play some music:  music will help us harmonize our energy
  7. Take 5 minutes to connect with something living: go outside, take your shoes off, feel the grass, hug a tree, get reconnected with nature
  8. Breathe deeply for a couple of minutes at least, this will help you calm down in any situation, and give you perspective on any situation

Don’t be hard on yourselves, because everything in life will pass, and the only real thing, is your present moment and what you decide to do with that!

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