Kakenya Ntaiya and her first primary school for girls in Kenya, January 16, 2014



After being one of the thousands of girls that suffered genital mutilation in her hometown Kenya (to make her a “good wife” around 10 years old) and fighting for her right to receive education, Kakenya was able to continue her studies.

Earned a scholarship to finish her studies in the U.S., she worked her way up to a doctorate degree and ended up working with the United Nations. In 2009 she opened the first primary school for girls in her village: “Kakenya Center for excellence”

The girls not only study here, but also receive housing, so they are fully protected from the dangers of walking long distances from their home to school (like sexual assault) as well as avoiding child labor, so the girls can focus on their education.

The majority of the costs are funded by Kakenya´s US based Non-Profit organization, and one of the rules to the fathers for their girls to be accepted, is to agree to no genital mutilation or early marriage

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