Leopoldo Lopez, a hero that is fighting for Venezuela´s right to freedom

Leopoldo lopezVenezuela´s story has been in our minds for many years, as we have seen it´s people suffer from 15 years of communist ruling, but these past few days, this country has been on everyone´s heart, as we see the people fighting to recover their country.

So many stories have circulated social media, of people claiming for justice, for respect of human rights, of people starving and being deprived of most basic human needs, that range from food shortages, to absence of quality medical services.

But on February 12th, venezuelans decided to speak up, united their voices under the leadership of now national hero Leopoldo Lopez, and went out on the streets on a peaceful protest, to find extreme violence an death from a government that is rotten with VENEZUELA-master675abuse of power.

Leopoldo was charged with public disturbance charges (just for thinking differently from the officialist party of Nicolas Maduro), and he bravely handed himself into “government justice” Even though he committed no criminal act, he made the choice of facing his unfair charges.

The whole world has now their attention on Venezuela, demanding that every human right must be respected, and the people from this amazing country are now acting as a cluster of lives that will not stop fighting for the right to be free.



All my love and prayers are with you, this is the beginning of the end of a kingdom of terror that has obscured the history of your country; but never again will your country fall in the wrong hands; and after all of this pain that you are going through, you will finally get to see the light Venezuela!!! The whole world will have your back



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