Overcoming my addiction


I have started a 90 day program to improve my overall health called Wildfit, created by Eric Edmeades.

*That’s me with my son two months before starting Wildfit, and on the right, just 30 days after starting the program

At first, I thought it would be like any other “diet” I had started in the past, but after seeing amazing results from my co-workers at Mindvalley, who had already done the program, I decided to give it a try.

I was expecting to freak out when the foods I have adored all my life would be “yanked away” from me, because this had always been my experience before: a fear based diet, filled with “can’t” and “don’t”

But it has been so different from that! Wildfit is a community of people wanting to recuperate their health, feel more energized and happy, and get rid of all the extra toxins that don’t serve our lives.

Eric has taught us to be conscious about our choices, so we can make better nutritional decisions based on facts and not fear. I have learned that many of the food products I had thought  were good for me, have actually no nutritional value (like milk and cheese).

I have connected with 1000 people from around the world who are rediscovering themselves again, giving support to one another, finally breaking free from the addiction to junk food. When I say junk, I not only mean food in a bag, but rather empty calories from stuff we put in our systems that won’t serve us.

There is an epidemic of obesity around the world, and this is growing. It is not about looks, but rather our health. Our society is becoming sick, tired and stressed, and we have to take action to stop this degradation of our bodies.

I had a HUGE addiction to sugar (me and almost everyone else), and when you start paying attention, you see the food industry adds sugar to a whole bunch of products we consume (including Mayonnaise!). Sugar creates addiction, which makes us want to eat more, pack up unwanted weight, screw up our systems, and keep the food industry up and running with more consumption.

This program is not about fear of your food choices, but rather a reminder for you to be aware of how food makes you feel. It is based on the scientific evolution of men, and what our bodies are designed to consume. It is explained one step at a time, so we have time to really understand and incorporate new habits to your life.

After my withdrawal tantrums of leaving sugar, and other addictive substances, I now feel more energy, sleep a million times better, have a better digestion and absorption of nutrients, and I’m still in the learning process. I am also more present in the moment, learning to enjoy everything as it comes, without the constant search for what’s coming next.

Being a healthy person with a better quality of life has become the most important goal for me. I am a mother of two,  and I want to make sure I’ll be in my children’s lives for many years to come!


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