Kakenya Ntaiya and her first primary school for girls in Kenya, January 16, 2014

http://www.kakenyasdream.org/ After being one of the thousands of girls that suffered genital mutilation in her hometown Kenya (to make her a “good wife” around 10 years old) and fighting for her right to receive education, Kakenya was able to continue her studies. Earned a scholarship to finish her studies in …

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My first interview online!

I feel so grateful to the world to have had the opportunity to meet Al Diaz on Awesomeness Fest, and feel super blessed to have been chosen for an interview in his amazing online radio talk show The world CAN be a better place to live!! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ilumine-ao/2014/01/15/al-diaz-francesca-facio-rediscover-your-lifes-bliss

Pastor Lee Jong-Rak and the baby drop box, January 15 2014

This incredible human being has saved the lives of millions of unwanted babies, that were abandoned on the streets of South Korea because of their disabilities, and now they can have a shot at life. Lee Jong-Rak is the creator of the Baby Box, which connects his home with the …

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Andrea Bianchi and her fight for life

I have the great honor to share the story of my friend Andrea, one of the heroes shifting our world in her fight to defend the right of couples to have children using In Vitro fertilization in Costa Rica After testifying against the costarrican Government ridiculous veto to prohibit this …

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Lizzie Velasquez

What a brave amazing human being!!! Inspiring Lizzie Velazquez is one of three known people in the world who suffers from a rare syndrome, which prevents her from gaining weight and has caused blindness in her right eye. But the 24-year-old consistently redefines what it means to beautiful. Some experts …

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