Side effects of Awesomeness Fest / Efectos secundarios del Awesomeness Fest


I just came back from the most epic event of my year, the place where I get to connect with the best people from around the world as well as reconnect deeply with my inner self , so I can fill up my energy tank for a new life cycle of transforming the world.

So….Awesomeness Fest, how can I begin to explain it? This is one of those life shifting experiences that you just have to live to understand!

Afest is a Vortex of the most powerful personal growth experiences that attract the best people from all over the world, shifts your mindset, shakes up all your beliefs and sets the epic-life bar higher every time, for you to expand and multiply awesomeness to the rest of humanity.

As now I am able to start digesting my experience, I can see clearly how some side effects from this experience  start to settle into my life:

1.You no longer remember what the word “impossible” means

When you discover that everything you wish for is right inside your heart, nothing can stop you! Inner power is awakened, you find all  barriers and obstacles were just limiting thoughts that were implanted, but they are easy to remove at will.

2. You start noticing the “Snow White” effect all around you

Your energy levels are so high, and your vibes are so unbelievably awesome, you start to find just how easy it is to connect and attract other beings in the same energy frequency, and suddenly animals start to feel attracted to come and greet you 🙂

This is a tiny Falcon that came to say hello just a couple of days after I got back from Afest. They are very evasive animals, but this little guy stayed in my driveway, and even posed for me!

image43.You rediscover you are totally in love with yourself again, and you are more than enough

One of the major blockages that prevent you from greatness is fear. Once you understand that you are amazing, that you are enough, that you are capable of everything, and that the Universe is conspiring in your favor, you will never see the world the same way again 🙂

Loving yourself means accepting yourself for who you are, patiently transforming your flaws into advantages, nurturing your body and mind, and reconnecting with the source of greatest energy, as you know you are part of this source yourself.

4. You find out just how connected you really are with your Tribe and with all humanity

What if you knew there was no way you could fail? This is what having a Tribe at your side means! No matter if you make mistakes along the way  (oh, and please DO! this is part of being amazing), you know that you can always find support from the best people, who will only want what is best for you, who love and support you no matter what.

If one person can make a difference in the world, there is nothing a Tribe cannot do to shift humanity. Power is in concentrated groups of awesomeness, and when you get to share your life with people in that live and breathe in the flow, you will be a multiplier of greatness too!

5. Your happiness levels rise like foam

fio y yo

Connection and meaning are the secrets to live a full happy life; Afest opens up your inner compass, so you can find the best life path for you, find the best techniques to enhance your happiness meters, connect with the best people in the planet (YES, energy is contagious!) and change the way you see everything around you, so that you take every challenge, and convert it into a small miracle.

6. You feel the urge to do epic stuff, the same way the lava from a volcano wants to explode and  expand

Once you expand your mind to whole new levels, there is no way in Earth you can go back to thinking and acting small. When you understand just how much personal power you have inside, and the impact you can have on those around you, the need to go big will be your new life motto.

7. Your whole language changes (both your inner chatter, and the way you communicate) and you find the words “love”, and “yes” begin to show up more often

You will be more mindful about what comes out of your mouth once you understand that words are charged with energy, they are connected to your thoughts, and your thought actually DO create your reality.


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