Temple Granding

When I first found out my son had high functioning autism, I read every book available on the matter, and there was one autobiography that simply blew my mind: “Thinking in pictures” by Temple Grandin. She gave me hope!! Autism was not a sentence, but a different array of possibilities!!

Temple had the ability to describe what it was like to live with autism, Temple Grandinwhat she felt, how she processed the environment with her over responsive senses, and how she had to learn to read peopleĀ“s multiple non-verbal signs (something we take for granted), because they are very concrete thinkers.

She overcame every single diagnose that limited her life as a child (was diagnosed with “brain damage” at the age of 2), and became a doctor in animal science, a professor in Colorado State University, a best selling author, and one of the best speakers in the autistic community. She also invented the hug box, which is a device she invented to lower the anxiety for people with autism.

Temple was one of the first person to shift the attention towards the wellbeing of animals, specially cattle. Her insights on the way cows process their surroundings was the base to her design of some of the most humane animal handling equipment and facilities in the U.S.

You can read more about her here

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