Why did I started this website?

I want to remind people to enjoy life to the fullest, every single day, because no matter where life takes us, and how hard the lessons we find can get, there is always a better time to come if you set your intention in finding joy 🙂

I am 35 years old, and have had a pretty happy life so far, with the normal dose of ups and downs, plus a couple pretty tough tests to overcome in my early age, that really put everything in perspective.About us

Born and raised in Costa Rica, with two brothers and two sisters, my childhood was very happy, and filled with adventure and love.

I became a very early mom (at 19), went to live in Boston for a year, and divorced early too (at 20) I was struggling my time between college, my newborn baby, and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, while other people my age were struggling to see how they could spend their weekend, or which party was better to go.

At 21 I started my relationship with my husband (who I´ve been for 14 years) and he lovingly gave his heart to my son Eduardo from day 1 : )

I remember I used to spend so much time worrying about what the next step I would have to take in my life, that I had little time to devote to happiness, until one day, as it often does, something happened that really changed my life on a flash.

My son was playing outside with my mom, and I was laying down for a few minutes with a very bad cold, when I started to hear screaming on the window. It was the kind of screams that lets you know something really bad happened, so I didn´t even bother to put on any shoes and just dove outside.

When I reached my grandma´s home (100 meters away from where I was in my mom´s home) I see my two year old baby laying on the floor besides the wheel of my grandma´s car. My heart stopped

I approached him, lifted him up got in the car with my mom and grandma and drove to the Children´s Hospital right away. I remember his little head felt like Jello, and even though it has been the hardest test I have ever been through, God was holding me steady.

I just kept asking him not to close his eyes, because I was so afraid he just wouldn´t open them again.. He was bleeding from his ears and nose, and I knew he was really badly hurt, but I was sure as hell not ready to let him go.

We arrived at the hospital, and the doctors took him from my arms in one second. I remember they started to make all these faces of deep pain and worry.. I was in shock, I had to remind myself to breath, because this was so surreal. I had been with Eduardo not two hour ago playing in the backyard, and now he was here in the Emergency room, and things were not looking good.

The doctor came in to talk to us after what it seemed an eternity to me, and let us know that Eduardo was really badly hurt, he had a Craneoencefalic trauma (His skull had been broken and displaced 1 cm, the base of his brain was broken, he had damage to most of his brain control areas: Thalamus, Hipothalamus, lost his frontal lobe, and they would do everything necessary, but it was very improbable for him to make it.

They kept talking for a while, I was just numb, I guess our bodies produce some sort of natural Valium when something this big happens, because I could not move or breathe until they finally asked us to consider organ donation “Because so many kids would be able to benefit”, and because he was probably going to have a brain death.

I remember I went to a little church in the hospital with Adrian (my husband) to just try to grasp a little bit of hope or comfort, or something that could guide me on what to do next.

I don´t know how, or where I heard it before, a story came to my mind at that moment, It was a story of a child and a train, his favorite toy in the world.

He played with his train every day, and took such good care of it, making sure everything was working beautifully. One day, his train broke, the kid lost it and started to scream!

His dad comes in the room and says: “Give it to me, I can fix it”. The kid extended his hands with the train, but had a really hard time letting it go, because it was so dear to him.

His father said: “If you don´t let go, I cannot fix it, you must give it to me, and let me do my work in peace”

That was the message, Eduardo was not mine, I had him on loan to take care of him and help him have a happy life, but he was not mine. I talked to God that day directly for the first time in my life, and I asked him to please leave Eduardo here on Earth if he was going to be able to have a happy life, and not be stuck on a wheelchair fed by tubes for the rest of his life.

After that, we came out the hospital´s hallway, feeling a strange sense of peace, because somehow, we gathered forced to digest all that was happening around us. I look in the distance and I see my 13 year old sister jumping up and down!, I have no idea how this kid managed to pass over the most strict security and access the ICU floor.

I signal for her to approach us, and ask her to take a seat so we could explain the “facts” of what the doctors told us. She had the biggest smile, and she asked us to close our ears to all the bad news, because she just came from seeing Eduardo in the Intensive care Unit, and said he was “surrounded by angels”.

She started talking about all the beautiful energy around him, and how she was 100% certain he not only was going to make it, but that he would have a healthy happy life ahead.

That was it! After that moment, every time that I went to visit him, I would do all the meditations that I had learned on the Silva Method years ago, I covered him with healing light from his head to his toes, and he was the only baby that was able to sleep through the night in that room full of beeping sounds, heartache and despair.

The first 72 hours passed and he was still alive! He went from having a 5% chance of pulling through to a 20% chance of living! I was ecstatic! I called all my friends from around the world and from all the different religions and beliefs to put all their energies into my baby´s healing.

We did a group meditation in the hospital with my family and friends, and created a big ball of good energy and all the best vibes, and then sent it Eduardo´s way. His healing started to evolve super fast, showing that the good thoughts and the great energy does have a very real effect on our surrounding  : )

Two weeks later, He was out the Intensive care unit and was moved to a private room in the hospital. We had no idea what the sequels were going to be, but we were taking one step at a time.

My brother came in the room with a box of fries, and Eduardo started to move his hands and tried to speak. We called the nurses and doctors immediately, only to find out he was hungry and ready to have something more than his IV!!! What a moment!!

I received many letters saying how sorry they felt about what happened, and how I should be strong, but the letter that I recall the most was a big red one, that said “Congratulations”! When I opened it, it had a message from my uncle, talking about how lucky I was to have received so much enlightment from an Earth angel in so little time.

I did feel different, not that lucky at the time, but definitely lighter, happier  and soo grateful! Two months after coming out of the hospital he was diagnosed with high functioning autism, and I knew his mission was to help open the way for others to come.

My daughter Ana Victoria (Avi)  was born in 2002, my little family was so awesome, and a new adventure was beginning for me!

This was the start of my life journey to go from the settling feeling of good, to experience the intense sense of every day bliss!

This past week Eduardo turned 15 years old, just finished his 8th grade, and we are taking him to Disney to graduate from the Star Wars Academy : ) Life IS good!

Eduardo y Optimus

After so many years of therapies, seeking for a better opportunity of education for Eduardo, educating the children around him on anti bullying campaigns, life was starting to take a toll on me.

Don´t get me wrong, I could not be any more grateful for him, and I have always been a very strong and perseverant person (ask around!) so I was not going to give up on my child´s happiness, but I started to feel so tired sometimes!

Somewhere along the road I let my life routine take away my energies, until I decided it was time for me to stop, take a breather and get my happiness back to my every minute!

I had always admired  how easy it was for some people to simply be happy in the moment…. I loved how they could just jump, dance, goof around and hug each other without caring about anything else!!!

People like that are able to be fully present in the moment, and to share all the greatness from inside with anyone who was willing to take it : ) I saw it so far away from my own reality .

I read the book Eat, Pray and Love, and was caught up in the magic of having the time to fall in love with myself all over again, and rediscovering who I was, but I hadn´t got the chance (or cash) to go out in a one year sabbatical, so I had to figure out how to get back my happiness in my current circumstances

I loved the feeling of being surrounded by these Earth angels, but never thought it was possible for me to join this coo-coo happy tribe! I had trouble finding my way to fit in, I spent too much time trying to figure out how to get people to like me,  until I had the chance to go to Awesomeness Fest in November 2013!

Everything changed right there and then, something just clicked! I knew my life would never be the same, and I felt an urge to share the greatness with others…

This is my journey of how I found the way to La-La land, and how I embraced this idea for my every day life

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