Headache relief from nature / Alivio del dolor de cabeza de la naturaleza

We have all had a headache at least once, and know how life disturbing that pain can be. In these very stressful times, headaches are becoming more and more common, and they are affecting our children as well, so it is useful to know what Mother Earth has in store to help us on this matter:

acupressure1. Acupressure: just by applying pressure to certain key points, you can help your bodyrelease tension from certain blood vessels that can compress nerves and produce pain.

Acupresión: solo con aplicar presión a ciertos puntos clave, podemos ayudar a nuestro cuerpo a liberar tensión de ciertos vasos sanguíneos que comprimen nervios y producen dolor.


2. Aromatherapy: Lavender and mint essential oils applied to your forehead and temples.
You can also apply the essential oils on a tissue and inhale the scent.

Aropeppermintmaterapia: Los aceites esenciales de lavanda y menta aplicados a la frente y a las  sienes.También puede aplicar los aceites a un pañuelo e inhalar el aroma.


ginger3. Take Ginger or Rosemary tea: these plants have a direct effect on the internal processes that contribute to inflammation.

Tome té de Jengibre o
Romero: estas plantas tienen un efecto directo sobre los procesos que contribuyen a la inflamación.


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